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About me, and my brand new, non-profit, online shop.
I'm a 53 year old, mobility disabled, pretty much housebound lady, who has chosen this new hobby of diamond art painting canvases, which are then framed, (together with other great, diamond art, gifts) to keep me occupied.
I complete these, using tens of hundreds, and in some cases thousands of mm² square, round, or special drills, made of different coloured shiny resin diamond or crystal gems, finally finishing them by framing in white or black wooden frame. Stand alone or wall mounted.
These canvases, sized 20x20cm+, take between 15-35hrs+ to complete, over a period of time. But, they keep my mind and my hands active, with the final completed product always giving me a sense of pride and happiness.
Also...since starting, over an extended period of time, I've added the following gift items too:

  • Diamond art jewelled keyrings
  • Deep framed sequin art
  • Bejeweled Christmas cards
  • Diamond art coaster sets
  • Crystal encrusted bookmarks
  • Jewelled Christmas tree ornaments
  • Diamond art greeting cards 
  • Bejeweled cross-body bags
  • Diamond encrusted notebooks 
  • Bejeweled fridge magnets
  • Jewelled children's LED night lights

About me...
I live in Reading, Berkshire - originally Ipswich, Suffolk, with my wonderfully helpful, loving husband of, just shy off 30 years, and our two Persian cats, named Percy white toes and Mackenzie, aged 13 and 16 respectively.
Thankyou in advance for any purchase you make...x

(Non-profit definition:
"A not-for-profit organisation is a business that aims to do something other than to make profit for the owners. It needs to make enough money to cover its costs, but any surplus is reinvested into the business or used in other ways.")

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