Crystal Encrusted Perpetual Calendar

Crystal Encrusted Perpetual Calendar

Crystal Encrusted Perpetual Calendar
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**Coming Soon**

Partial-drill, diamond art calendar, with both resin, 'faceted', round diamonds, interspersed with crystals, and glass gems. With durable spiral binding.

This perpetual calendar is a fantastic and useful calendar for you to use throughout the years! With no days added against dates, this calendar is great for adding birthdays, special anniversaries, and can be used year after year, to keep track of important occasions. With three months per page, it acts as a helpful reminder for the months ahead too!

Wall calendar size is A3, measuring 16.5 ins x 11.7 ins - (42 x 29.7 cm).

*What does it mean when something is perpetual?

continuing forever : everlasting. : occurring continually : constant.

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